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Marquisa Gardner (aka Miss Prissy) and her Throne dance crew are appearing on ELLEN November 12th at 3pm (PST). Learn more about Throne, her documentary, and the series that she has outlined to take Throne around the world to remote locations to empower young children in impoverished cities and towns. Check your local listings!

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Dance Pioneer Shares Life-Changing Work with South Central LA Youth

Guest host tWitch welcomed Prissy Gardner, dance icon and founder of the Throne Dance Crew. She discussed why she started the performing arts team for youth in South Central Los Angeles, chatted about their acclaimed documentary, and the crew even gave an impressive performance. Plus, tWitch and his friends at Calm had an incredible gift for Prissy and the Throne Dance Crew.

THRONE Dance Crew - Photo by Tatiana Wills


Marquisa Gardner PRODS:
Marquisa Gardner Michael Mejia
Israel Ron 
Miss. Prissy and Throne Performing Arts Dance Company.


WRITER/DIR: Marquisa Gardner
PRODS: Marquisa Gardner, Michael Mejia, Israel Ron
FEATURING: Miss. Prissy and Throne Performing Arts Dance Company.

ThyQueendomCome displays the story of everyday south-central living communicated through the art form known as dance. In this film we will see the company Throne performing a folktale of different scenarios going on in their community through dance expression and the creative arts.

"The pressures of life can make or break you; prep your future with good decision making."

- TheQueenOfKrump

Photos by Jimmy Steinfeldt

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